Glimpses of now in the west of Ireland

Beauty does not always cloak itself in grandeur; it can be even more striking when glimpsed through the veil of the everyday. Life’s incandescence glimmers in every ordinary moment if we’d but see it.

This short film was taken on morning walks over two weeks in June and July, 2014 in the beautiful west of Ireland, near the village of Shrule on the border of Galway and Mayo. The Irish might not agree, but the misty and cloudy days seen here were to me possibly even more beautiful than the cloudless skies we saw day after day this summer. No accounting for taste I suppose. Grace and peace to you.

2 thoughts on “Glimpses of now in the west of Ireland

  1. Oh but the Irish would agree! well some of us anyway, I love the mist and the gentle rain as much as the sun and the cloudless skies. Its what makes my country who she is, an Island of magic, she will surprise you around every corner, Thank you for your lovely video, its nice to see some gentle ordinariness filmed for a change. take care 🙂

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