405743_2888395581882_1992475683_nThis blog is the product of a lifelong ‘search for meaning’, my own wanderings through the forest. It is a search that saw me abandon the religious tradition in which I grew up and in which for many years I served as a professional leader to embrace for the better part of the decade that followed, a mildly hedonistic and strongly rationalistic atheism.

Some readers might find it perplexing, not only that I ‘went over to the dark side’, but that my spiritual journey continued and even flourished through that period. But it’s true, it did. The fruits of rational and critical thinking have nourished my soul. My search didn’t end there though, for atheism is not the opposite of a literalistic and dualistic theism, merely it’s flip side, and critical thinking is not the last word on life.

I still don’t believe in the God the atheists don’t believe in. No argument there. But that isn’t the end of it. Deep still calls unto deep. The inner life flourishes. The journey continues.

My blog is primarily a vehicle for my own writing, but I often post excerpts and quotes from writers whose work inspires my thinking. I also have an interest in film and from time to time post my video creations.


My writings are personal observations, things that capture my interest on the journey. Sometimes my style will be quite academic, at other times it will be more poetic or aphoristic. My eclectic range of topics includes anything from religion, theology, mythology, symbol, philosophy, and mysticism, to meditation and contemplative practices. My special interest is the thought of the medieval German mystic, Meister Eckhart. The spiritual lexicon with which I’m most intimate is the Christian tradition, and my writing reflects that lifelong influence. However, my own spiritual life is now deeply nourished also by teachers of other religious and spiritual traditions, by science, literature, the arts and philosophy, and most importantly by my own spiritual and contemplative practices.

Feel free to share any of my posts as links. If you wish to use or cite my material in any other way please do me the courtesy of emailing me at chrisknauf@bigpond.com. Similarly, if you own an image, video, or text that I have used without attribution please contact me to discuss. Thank you.

Christopher Malcolm Knauf is a teacher of Philosophy and Religious Studies in Melbourne, Australia and resides in the Macedon Ranges, 70 kilometres north of Melbourne.

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