405743_2888395581882_1992475683_nThis blog is the product of a lifelong search for meaning, my own wanderings through the forest. It is primarily a vehicle for my own writing, but I often post excerpts and quotes from writers whose work inspires my thinking.

My posts are personal observations, things that have captured my interest on the journey. Topics include religion, theology, philosophy, narrative, mythology, metaphor, symbolism, mysticism, and contemplative practices.

I have a special interest in the writings of the medieval German mystical theologian, Meister Eckhart, on whose thought I wrote my doctoral thesis. The spiritual lexicon with which I’m most intimate is that of the Christian tradition, and my writing reflects this lifelong influence. However, my spiritual life and my thinking are now deeply nourished also by teachers of other religious and spiritual traditions, as well as by science, literature, and the arts.

Feel free to share any of my posts. If you wish to use or cite my material in any other way please do me the courtesy of emailing me at chrisknauf@bigpond.com. Similarly, if you own rights to an image, video, or text that I have used without attribution please contact me to discuss. Thank you.

Christopher Malcolm Knauf holds a PhD in spirituality from the University of Divinity. He is Registrar and Lecturer in Christian Spirituality at Catholic Theological College, East Melbourne, a college of the University. Christopher resides with his wife Dorothy in the Macedon Ranges, seventy kilometres north of Melbourne.

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